ExteriorPride Homes has been building with excellence for over fifteen years and we look forward to continuing the tradition with you. “Excellence can and will be achieved in every home, regardless of style or price”. This has become our personal philosophy, grown out of an intense passion for building homes of quality.

We at Pride Homes have assembled a team of craftsmen and sub-contractors that enables us to deliver this consistent quality. Many of these associates have been with us from the beginning, and we have worked hard to convey to them the standards of excellence we demand for each home. We are proud of the work that our craftsmen provide, and we are confident they are the best in their field.

While many general contractors are beginning to focus on building homes of only particular styles or particular price ranges. We at Pride Homes are secure in our ability to custom design homes of superior craftsmanship in all designs and all price ranges. Your home should be a unique reflection of you and your life style; we never want you to feel as though the characteristics of your home have been borrowed by another family.

As quoted from the Lincoln Registry of Fine Homebuilders, “Excellence in home building requires efficiency in multiple areas including: planning, job coordination, and client relations. Pride Homes not only excels in these areas but they set the standard that other Lincoln home builders strive to reach”.

We look forward to working with you to design and build a home you can be proud of.
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Building with Excellence