Building Process Refferals 

Dear Matt,

Where do we begin... Thank you could never be enough for letting you know how we feel about you and your gift of building a home. You made us feel so valued and invoved every step of the way. We know you wouldn't do it any other way, but honestly Matt... your approach is beyond unique. We got to where we looked so forward to our Wednesday meetings with you when we'd skip one here and there we missed you! You've become a valued friend and we'd love to see you and Tracy in the future.

God puts people in your life for a reason and he sure knew what he was doing when he matched us up with you as our builder.

The Wittys

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Dear Matt,

Matt GreetYou should take great pride in knowing that today, our dream house has become a reality! We feel the same way today as we did eight months ago; you are the best builder in town and we made the right choice having you build our new home. Paul and I feel especially lucky because in the process of building our home, we have also made a great friend. Once again, THANK YOU Matt for building the most incredible home perfectly suited to our needs! This is a custom home that we are truly proud of and cannot wait to start showing it off!

Your Friends,
Kim & Paul

Pride Custom Homes

To view a list of Custom Homes Built by Pride Homes follow the link below. To tour any of the homes, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Pride Homes.


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Multiple Family Members:  
Jason and Cindy Miller Fallbrook
Pat and Sarah (Miller) Hodge The Ridge
Jim and Mary Miller Firethorn Terrace (in progress)
Dr. Jerry and Tita Hynes Frontier
Dr. Phillip and Dr. Diane Hynes Windhoek
Dr. Steve and Dr. Beth Lau Windhoek
Scott and Jody Lau Fallbrook
Red Line
Mike and Michelle Witmer Wilderness Ridge
Dr. Monte and Sherri Zysset Silver Springs Court
Chris and JO Farabee Hickman
Green Build Prototype Fallbrook
Jack and Ann Gleason Rural Denton
John and Mary Ellan Reeves Crete
Paul Kramer and Dr. Kim Tyler Fallbrook
Dennis and Jane Schroeder Rural Lincoln
Greg and Dr. Liane Donovan Edenton South
Dr. Ron and Deb Hachyia Edenton South
North American Martyrs Rectory Catholic Church
Brett and Connie Borchers Utica
Dr. Ahktar and Najiba Niazi Rural Lincoln
Dr. Arif and Nishoo Sattar The Ridge
Scott and Andrea Louderback Whispering Creek
Dr. Nathan and Amy Green Windhoek
Dr. Joel and Sarah Greisen Heritage Lakes
Dr. James and Sara Wudel Windhoek
Kelly and Beth Wieseler Foreman Ridge
Dave and Carla Witty Wilderness Ridge
Dr. Kurt and Kimberly Burhoop Windhoek
Dave and Cindy Wiltfong Ravenwood
Shirley Herres Firethorn Patio Home
Bill and Kelly Chapman Rural Denton
Dr. Andrew and Sydney Glenn Windhoek
Dr. Jeff and Candy Damme Rural Cook
Dr. Steve and Becky Dunder Heritage Lakes
Dick and Ann Hudson
Firethorn Patio Home
Eric and Nicole Ruskamp
West Lincoln
Rahul and Petra Razdan
Scott and Kersti Deckert
Larry and Christine Hageman
West Lincoln
Bob and Cheryl Reynoldson
Firethorn Terrace
Dale and Sandy Hansen
Whispering Creek
Ryan and Stacey Knox
Jason and Chris Feldhaus
West Lincoln
Dean and Jo Pribyl
Rolling Hills
Chuck and Marita Burmeister
Friethorn Patio Home
Dr. Dan and Lynn Cronk
Wilderness Ridge
Justin and Jennifer Jones
West Lincoln
Troy Kanter and Sarah Teten
Cumberland Drive
Dr. Tom and Nancy Heiser
Firethorn Patio Home
Aaron and Jen Babcock
East Lincoln
Dr. David and Laura Pan
Heritage Lakes
Dr. Keith and Tessa Hughes
Cumberland Drive
Dr. Bill and Quinn Lawton

To tour any of the above homes, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Pride Homes.

Remodeling Process Refferals

October 29
I just hope you're having half as much fun as we are with this project. You make it a pleasure.


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“Thanks for meeting all of the deadlines that we set in the beginning. Even though we made some changes after the project was underway, you just took it in stride and worked it in without needing any more time than we had originally planned. Probably the most important thing to us was that you were always prompt to return our numerous phone calls and never made us feel like we were inconveniencing you.”

“Once we decided to proceed, you spent the time going through the house with us (more than once) to be sure that you understood exactly what we wanted and made sure that it would all work the way we wanted it to. We appreciated your letting us know in advance which items we needed to go pick out around town and when you needed them. We also liked knowing what was happening during the weeks of construction so we could come home each day and check the progress.”

“The Bottom line is, we are completely satisfied with our home and would recommend Pride Homes highly to anyone who is interested in having a construction job done and done right!” - Tim & Geri Shipley

Diary of a Remodeler

November 11
We absolutely love the patio! Very impressive design in it's finished form. Beautiful flow. The pattern is perfect down to the leaf imprint. Matt, this project continues to be one of the best times I've had in recent years. 

January 12
This was going to be an email about the cedar siding but we covered that on the phone. So I'll just take the opportunity to say that we are still having fun with this project. Even though Beth and I have different frustration thresholds, when we take our daily walk-thru we both feel tremendous satisfaction with the design and workmanship. We marvel at the skill and craftsmanship of the people you have managed to gather together. There is always the electric tingle of anticipation for moving in and actually living in the new spaces. The master suite has so many unexpected features that it does rather take one's breath away. So, thanks once again Matt, It’s a blast!

February 20
The list is getting pretty sparse. I have mixed feelings about bringing this project to a close. It will be nice to reclaim the home and to get reorganized and decluttered, but I'm really going to miss all the people and the activity.

Bruce & Beth Briney Remodel 
Your home turned out just beautiful! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and welcome to the Pride Homes family! -Matt Kleinschmit

Pride Remodeled Homes

To view a list of Remodeled Homes by Pride Homes follow the Pride Remodeled Homes link below. To tour any of the homes, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Pride Homes.


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Bob and Cheryl Orosco Pine Lake Road
Tim and Geri Shipley Humann Court
Greg and Cheryl Johnson Cooper Avenue
Dr. Chris and Deb Caudill Rockwood Lane
Dr. Anuj and Dr. Ritoo Jain Black Forest
George and Pam Joutras Hickory Crest Road
Jim and Phillys Chambers Rural Lincoln
Dave and Debbie Swanson Kess Drive
Bruce and Beth Briney Rural Lincoln
Jack and Jane Connealy Rural Lincoln
Bill and Julie Latenser Rural Lincoln
Jack and Jane Connealy Commercial Project
Karen Dalke Edenton South
Al and Mary Sand 70th and South
Dr. Dan and Shannon Cullan Firethorn
Mark and Julie Lutjeharms 84th and Pioneers
Sheree Forgue 84th and Pioneers
Bill and Kris Erickson Wilderness Ridge
Glennand Kay Funk 70th and Adams

To tour any of the above homes, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Pride Homes.

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